Companies predict end of passwords by 2025

Passwords are an imperfect solution to security. But are they really on the way out?

According to many businesses, they are. And it’s long overdue.

A survey by TeleSign found that seven out of ten companies believe passwords alone are no longer sufficient to provide security.

Part of the reason cited: It only takes less than a second for a seven-word password to be cracked.

Multi-layered security

That’s not to say passwords are going anywhere just yet. For the time being, they’re the best, most practical solution that companies have at their disposal.

But most companies are using more than one method to secure their services.

Three methods commonly used:

  • Knowledge-based authentication (50%). This includes security questions and other information that users have and hackers may not.
  • CAPTCHA (44%). Those annoying cartoon letters have the potential to frustrate attackers and users alike.
  • Two-factor authentication (41%). While only four-in-ten companies are using two-factor authentication at the moment, double that amount (81%) hope to have it in place in the coming year.

Behavioral biometrics

One final security solution that some see as a potential game-changer is behaviorial biometrics.

This includes observing how users move their mouse or swipe screens to see if there is unusual or abnormal activity detected. It may sound like science fiction, but 83% of companies say this tech has the potential to be useful at detecting security threats without inconveniencing users.

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