Companies less sure of their ability to assess risks

A new study shows that companies are concerned about their risk assessment capabilities.  

The 2017 Global Cybersecurity Assurance Report Card, by Tenable Network Security, found a 12% decline on average in the ability to assess risks associated with 10 different IT components. Some specific areas that IT pros’ confidence declined:

  • web applications (18% decline from last year)
  • laptops and notebooks (15% decline)
  • desktops (14%)
  • data centers and physical servers (13%), and
  • data centers and virtual servers (11%).

Overall, only 70% of U.S. companies were confident in their risk assessment for the year.

Looking ahead

Despite this less-than-rosy assessment, there were some positive signs for the companies surveyed. The security index for 2017 was at 79%, no change over the previous year.

And looking forward, most companies see brighter days ahead. When asked how they felt about their ability to defend themselves vs. the same time last year:

  • 22% were significantly more optimistic
  • 42.9% were somewhat more optimistic
  • 25.6% felt about the same
  • 7.5% were slightly more pessimistic, and
  • 1.9% were significantly more pessimistic.

All in all, that could indicate that brighter days are ahead for security in the coming year.