5 reasons cloud computing won't save as much as you expect

Cloud computing is the buzz word in IT right now, and many companies are adopting cloud services. But in this guest post, Vanessa Parks offers some reasons organizations may not be getting the benefits they expected. 


The rule of thumb for any business is to keep costs down, but revenue up. Cloud computing can help do that. But if companies aren”t careful, there are some missteps that can cost a lot. It”s all about , and knowing what your business needs and seeking other business that can do that for you, at a cost that is lower than others.

However, here are 5 reasons why your cloud computing efforts don”t save as much as expected:

1. You have undisposed hardware and software. So you”ve finally decided to invest in cloud computing and forego any more purchases of hardware and software needs for your company. But what about the resources already owned by the company? Should you sell it? Should you hold on to it? There are many options that firms can do with these purchases, but one thing”s for sure: It”s a waste if it is not used and just on standby.

2. You asked for mere baseline demands. Before investing in a cloud computing service, it is really important to take into account what the company needs for the present and in the time to come. It is also important to study the possibilities that cloud computing can offer so that you know what other services to ask for. Because when the time comes that you want an upgrade, you might be asked to shell out more than you initially expected.

3. You did not specify your specific requirements. So you are enjoying your cloud computing service but they have only given you the basics, for example, unlimited database and e-mailing. This will not be suitable to a media company who needs more sophisticated applications. Check what you signed up for. You need to know exactly what you are getting, if you actually need it, and if you need something else, ask for a stipulation.

4. You want to upload your own apps. Many companies must develop their own applications to meet their own specific needs. But firms better think twice before they put those into the cloud. Worst case scenario is your cloud service provider might not necessarily be able to bring in your app. But, you might be able to do so for another added sum.

5. You want to change servers. Once you have started with a cloud computing service, one might find it difficult to move to another. The original service provider might ask you to pay a hefty amount just to back up your files from their database. So choose wisely. You might be with one service provider for a long time.

Cloud computing, in any which way you look at it is really where everyone is headed.  Jumping on the bandwagon this early, while prices are still relatively low, might be a wise business move but one really needs to check and study this move thoroughly because a small uncalculated mistake, might cost you more than you bargained for.

About the author: Vanessa Parks is a Freelance Systems Analyst and Cloud Storage Consultant. She has been an advocate of Desktop virtualisation and unified computing for improved work efficiency and performance. She also has a passion in dancing, cooking and playing golf.

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