Cisco predicts businesses will have 1,000 cloud services by year’s end

If shadow IT wasn’t out of control already where you work, it soon could be. 

Cisco has analyzed customer information from January to July of this year. They’ve found that most companies have shadow IT problems, and they’re only set to get worse.

According to the study, companies assumed on average that they had 51 cloud services. The reality? That figure is closer to 730.

And Cisco predicts that number is only going to rise: By year’s end, it’s projected that companies will have 1,000 external cloud services on average.

With 20 times more cloud services than estimated, it’s clear that IT has to a lot to contend with. That can lead to security risks, cost overruns and frustration, the survey found.

Getting it under control

The best bet for handling shadow IT is knowing what you’re up against. Take a survey of your users to find out which cloud services they’re using – and be sure to use examples so they know what you’re talking about when you say cloud. Some may be using them already and not knowing it.

Once you find out what they’re using, it’ll require some education on your part to keep them compliant. Push users to the services that you’ve already whitelisted in your policies and away from ones that carry the most risk.


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