Attention Chrome users: 5 extensions that bolster security

The folks at Google have touted Chrome as the safest web browser available. But determined hackers are always finding new ways to access your company’s sensitive information.

Here are five free add-ons that can bolster Chrome’s security:

  1. WOT
    Web of Trust (WOT) is an extension that uses a traffic light symbol to rank the trustworthiness of websites. WOT ratings are powered by millions of users who rate the sites you visit, ensuring up-to-date information. Best of all, WOT provides security rankings on search results when you use Google, Yahoo! and Bing.
  2. FlashBlock
    Unnecessary Flash content can not only cause security concerns, but also eat away at your computer’s memory. With FlashBlock, all Flash applications on a web page are disabled. Users can then choose individual elements they want to display — FlashBlock will remember those decisions and compile a list of trusted sites.
  3. KB SSL Enforcer
    Many sites have safe versions of their web pages available to users that enter log-in information and passwords — these pages are exactly the same as the standard pages, expect that all information is encrypted before it’s sent. With KB SSL Enforcer, the browser can tell if a site supports SSL and will automatically redirect users to the encrypted version.
  4. Unencrypted Password Warning
    If users are not on an encrypted version of a web page, Unencrypted Password Warning will alert them before they enter sensitive information. If a password or credit card number is entered on an unprotected site, this extension can prevent that information from being sent.
  5. LastPass
    This is not your typical password manager. Using LastPass, all of your users’ passwords are encrypted and uploaded online, allowing you to sync log-in information between different computers. Because the information has already been encrypted, users can protect themselves against new phishing techniques like tabnabbing.

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