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Managing an IT department poses unique challenges including staffing, budget management, project management and leadership. Learn IT management skills, strategies, and tips from leading IT experts.

Now that’s just sick: Weird excuses for calling out of work

One of the hardest parts of being an IT manager is the “manager” side of the equation. You want to be one of the good bosses who trusts their staffs. But then you hear excuses like this … 

Dealing with negative attitudes in the workplace

Frustration can get the best of anyone, especially in a high-paced and hectic department like IT. And while it’s OK for techs to voice their concerns, what do you do when it crosses the line to unhelpful negativity. 

Cybersecurity’s giant gender gap

New data finds that only 10% of IT security jobs are held by women – this despite the fact that more women are entering the field. 

Lying on résumés: America’s other pastime

If you’ve ever caught a job candidate stretching the truth on an application, you’re not alone – in fact, you’re in good company. But does the problem lie in an antiquated method for selecting hires? 

Is automation costing IT jobs?

Most organizations are starting to rely on automation for some tasks that used to be handled by techs, according to a recent report from Tech Pro Research. 

Lifelock gets unlocked, company fails to protect information

This company messed up big time and made a mistake that could crucially hurt them. 

Know who else shares passwords? IT depatments

Users get a lot of heat for poor password management, and it’s mostly justified. But a new survey from Centrify finds that IT can be just as guilty of sharing credentials, if not more so. 

Making changes at work without having your staff revolt

Managers have to make a lot of decisions every day – and some of them are going to be pretty unpopular. 

What your employees really want

High salaries may be the most obvious way to get applicants to want to work for your department and keep staffers happy in-house. But there are other perks they’re after, too. And offering just one might be able to boost the quality of workers in your department. 

Get ready to start dishing out overtime to your techs

New rules from the Department of Labor (DOL) could have a big impact on how IT employees are paid overtime – and the bottom line. And before you think, “No one in my department gets paid overtime,” know this: They soon may have to.