Fortune 500 companies’ ‘Keys to the Kingdom’ hung out for the public

Accenture, a cloud giant that provides technology service for 75% of Fortune 500 companies, left four servers exposed on Amazon’s s3 storage service.

Popular malware scanner compromised by malware

When you spend your time fighting monsters, beware you don’t become a monster yourself. If you’ve been using CCleaner for 32-bit Windows machines, you might want to evaluate those systems and run an actual malware scan.

Fallout from federal U.S. ban on Kaspersky Labs

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has issued a ban for all federal agencies to cut ties with cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Labs.

How data centers were able to weather Houston and Irma

The opening of hurricane season packed a punch with Harvey and Irma battering Texas and Florida, but there was some silver linings that came out of these natural disasters.

Microsoft Security Intelligence Report: User account attacks up by 300%

If attacks seem to be on the rise, it’s not just because there’s more media buzz about them.

New York’s cybersecurity rules may have broad reaching impacts

New York’s new cybersecurity rule kicked in at the end of August, but businesses and banks are still attempting to get up to compliance standards before the final reporting deadline.

New IoT bill is on the table: Here’s what that means for you

You’ve heard horror stories at this point about how devices with online features have been hacked – it seems that we truly have an Internet of Things (IoT).

Media ‘machine’ and White House fail simple security measures against phishing

No matter the company, humans are fallible. Never has this been more apparent than with the recent email “pranks” pulled in the past month, directed at the White House administration and officials.

Need proof skimping on security can cost your company? Just ask these two firms

If anyone thinks security measures are expensive, they should see how much recovering from a disaster can cost.

Your car – and other IoT devices – are trying to kill you

The Internet of Things (IoT) is part of a sci-fi lover’s dream, where the world is interconnected with smart homes and cars.