Giant extortion ring discovered: Why you could be at risk

Not all ransom attacks are based on fooling users into opening ransomware. In a recent case, the victims seem to have made a different mistake: failing to change default settings on a service. 

The top 10 IT Manager Daily stories of 2016

From monumental security breaches to product announcements, 2016 has been a big year for technology and those who manage it. So which stories were you and your peers most interested in? 

Fallout from the Yahoo hack: 4 things it means for you

A Yahoo security breach has affected more than 1 billion accounts. This is an almost inconceivable security incident, easily surpassing the 500 million user breach Yahoo admitted to earlier this year. So chances are you or at least some of your users have been victims of the attack. Here’s what you need to know. 

2017 in tech: Experts weigh in with their predictions

No one can see the future or catch every trend before it happens. But experts from a variety of publications and organizations are doing their best to help you prepare. Here’s a roundup of what many expect. 

3 ransomware developments you need to know about

All ransomware is basically the same, right? Wrong. The means by which the malicious files wind up infecting computers and the fallout can vary wildly – and if you’re not up on the latest trends, you could be the next to fall victim. 

What does the new year hold for tech?

We’re less than a month away from 2017. While you’re pondering where the months went, be sure to take a look forward and see where we go from here. 

Annual study highlights biggest cloud concerns

Opinions and attitudes about the cloud are changing constantly. And while most companies are accepting of it as a useful tool, there still are those who have fears and concerns. 

Executives are confident in disaster recovery programs, but IT isn’t

There has always been somewhat of a divide between IT and C-level executives on technology matters. One recent survey shows the latest cause for concern: Executives think their disaster recovery program will be sufficient, but IT isn’t so sure. 

You’ll have to wait for Microsoft’s zero-day patch

The latest debate about when it is or isn’t OK to release details of a security vulnerability involves a couple of familiar foes, Microsoft and Google. And while this debate rages, Windows customers will have to wait, knowing they’re vulnerable to attack. 

Shadow cloud is a growing threat: 3 keys for IT pros

Chances are your users are running some potentially dangerous programs and services right under your nose. And these could be putting your organization’s security at high risk.