IBM: $3.62M reasons to not overlook these four security flaws

With so many data breaches in the news, do you know what it takes to keep your company out of the next major headlines? According to the Ponemon Institute, the average cost of a data breach is a whopping $3.62 million.

Hackers get in the holiday spirit by robbing charity

“Bah humbug!” cry hackers as they pilfer charity funds from the Utah Association for Intellectual Disabilities (UAID) right before the holidays.

Which is the bigger data threat: Breaches … or your users?

Quick, which is more of a risk to data: keyloggers or phishing?

Full disclosure: Trump administration’s new take on cyber flaws and threats

If a United States government agency discovers a vulnerability that could impact national defense and global economics, should it keep that exploit secret or release this knowledge to the public?

Positions need filled? Take a look at the job description

Finding the right talent from the candidate pool to fill your tech-heavy position is daunting.

Ransomware targets backups: 3 ways to protect your company’s data

Ransomware has run cybersecurity researchers ragged this year, and 2017 isn’t quite finished yet.

Bad Rabbit spreading across Europe just like its namesake

Same problem, different week in the cybersecurity world. A new ransomware called Bad Rabbit is spreading across Europe and a portion of the U.S.

Creating an acceptable use policy that’ll be followed and enforceable

You can’t police everything users do on company machines, nor should you try to.

Fortune 500 companies’ ‘Keys to the Kingdom’ hung out for the public

Accenture, a cloud giant that provides technology service for 75% of Fortune 500 companies, left four servers exposed on Amazon’s s3 storage service.

Popular malware scanner compromised by malware

When you spend your time fighting monsters, beware you don’t become a monster yourself. If you’ve been using CCleaner for 32-bit Windows machines, you might want to evaluate those systems and run an actual malware scan.