Less than half of IT pros follow safe password management

Here’s a frightening statistic: 53% of your peers reporting that they either haven’t changed their social network passwords in over a year or can’t recall ever doing so at all.

Dallas – and the rest of us – receives cybersecurity wake-up call

Ever think it’d be nice if hacking attempts came with full DEFCON 5 alarms – and the alerts and sirens started up whenever a user clicked on an obvious phishing link in an email? Well, as the city of Dallas found out at 1 a.m. one morning, maybe not so much.

System admin’s Texan-sized rage leaves boot manufacturer’s systems crippled

You know what they say – everything’s bigger in Texas. That also includes the tantrums and resulting disaster one rogue IT staffer can cause.

How repeal of Internet privacy rules harms cybersecurity

Last Thursday, the House voted to repeal Internet privacy rules that had been passed back in 2016. And while there’s arguments on both sides of the aisle here, there’s no denying that where privacy goes, cybersecurity follows.

Vista support being pulled in under two weeks

The Windows Vista era draws to a close in just under two weeks.

Cybersecurity analytics take on added importance

You can’t test what you can’t measure, as the old saying goes. And for IT, measurements of cyberdefenses are more crucial now than ever. 

5 myths about phishing attacks you shouldn’t believe

There’s a lot of information out there about phishing attacks – and plenty of misinformation, too. Believing the wrong thing about these attacks could end up costing you big time. Here are 5 myths that should be dispelled right away. 

80% of businesses are thinking cloud first … But there’s a major obstacle

A recent survey finds that 80% of organizations are looking to go full steam ahead with cloud services. The problem, however, is they may not have the people in place to make that a reality. 

Robots are coming for our jobs … and full of security risks

Now more than ever we’re hearing stories about jobs once done by humans now being done by robots. But a new study points out that these automated workers are actually a huge security risk. 

Microsoft’s confusing patch schedule throwing businesses for a loop

Microsoft’s monthly Patch Tuesday has always had detractors who say the schedule just isn’t frequent enough to counteract security threats. And an unprecedented setback with a recent monthly patch rollout is angering even more users.