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3 phishing attacks sneaking by IT’s defenses

IT pros know that phishing attacks are rampant. Most will train users to recognize the warning signs. But some recent attacks show that hackers are smart enough to try to stay one step ahead – and have devised attacks that can be successful even when users’ guards are up. 

‘You’ve reached your hacker, how may I help you?’

A lot of adjectives are thrown around to describe hackers: “brazen,” “devious,” and quite a few we probably shouldn’t repeat on a safe-for-work site. One that you may not expect, however, is “helpful.” 

Malware loves Mondays

Wake up. Drive into the office. Turn on computer. Make a pot of coffee in the break room. Find malware. 

Phisher went after nuclear secrets from within

Two hot topics in security came to a head recently with an indictment of a former U.S. Department of Energy employee who was spearphishing dozens of his co-workers and bosses. 

Keeping insiders – malicious or otherwise – from being a threat

There are a variety of threats that IT faces all the time, but the ones that could be most tricky to deal with are usually those that originate in-house. Whether it’s careless users putting systems at risk or malicious ones taking advantage, these insiders can cause serious damage to their organizations. 

Most IT pros aren’t confident they can withstand an attack

According to a recent study, companies are facing threats that they feel their technological defenses may not be capable of matching. Here’s what it means for you. EIQ Networks surveyed IT decision-makers to see how they felt their defenses stood up to modern threats. Many had some reservations about users’ ability to defend systems, and the […]

Getting better results from phishing tests (good or bad)

It’s one thing to train users on avoiding phishing attacks. But knowing whether that training has really sunk in isn’t always the easiest thing to accomplish. Enter the phishing test. 

The common thread in most successful attacks? Users

One of the largest annual studies of breaches and cybercrime has found attacks are getting more and more complicated, but most still succeed or fail from the biggest weak point in security: the end user.

Network gets a lesson in Passwords 101

A French TV network recently had to take 11 channels off the air temporarily while it responded to a major coordinated hacking attack. And it seems that incident didn’t teach them any lessons.

Video: Password advice from Edward Snowden

Security is no laughing matter – until it’s tackled by one of the preeminent comedians of the day.