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Survey shows companies are facing more threats more often

Attacks are getting more and more persistent, according to Tripwire – and they show no signs of slowing down.

Microsoft’s emergency patch: What it means for IT

Microsoft put out perhaps its best advertisement for its new Edge browser yet: It has issued an emergency patch that affects every version of Internet Explorer, but not Edge. 

Denial of Service attacks may signal something deeper

Of all the attacks against companies, the humble Denial of Service (DoS) can seem like the least advanced. The basic strategy: Overwhelm the target with traffic or requests until it’s unable to handle them anymore. 

Yahoo exposes users to malvertising … again

Some malware feasts on unaware users making bad decisions or stupid mistakes. Then there’s the kind that fools major companies, exposing millions of users as a result. 

Lifelock gets unlocked, company fails to protect information

This company messed up big time and made a mistake that could crucially hurt them. 

Know who else shares passwords? IT depatments

Users get a lot of heat for poor password management, and it’s mostly justified. But a new survey from Centrify finds that IT can be just as guilty of sharing credentials, if not more so. 

Hackers target cheating site, leak information

These companies experienced an inside hack job that could potentially release somewhat embarrassing information about people that could result in a number of ruined marriages. 

Google survey finds security pros, users don’t see eye-to-eye

You’ve probably already figured this one out, but a recent survey from Google shows that your security priorities and those of your users’ often don’t line up. 

Survey: Some IT managers need to learn to share

When threats are discovered, many IT pros go into red alert mode, gathering their teams and sharing the discovery. Then there are those who sit on the information, preferring to keep this critical info to themselves. 

Even hackers can’t do p@ssw0rds right

Hacking Team, an Italian company that sells spyware to governments and other organizations has a real mess on its hands. And part of the reason for that appears to be it didn’t follow basic password procedures.