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Companies face inefficiencies, logjams in patching vulnerabilities

One of the most important jobs of any IT pro is keeping systems up to date. But with so many applications and services in use across the organization, that can be a haphazard process – one that leaves key vulnerabilities for attackers to exploit. 

What leaves companies exposed to fraud? Survey has the answers

When it comes to cyberfraud, the biggest risk may not be hackers. It could be what’s going on right under your noses. 

Chipotle’s email mistake could’ve been costly

Burrito giant Chipotle must have said “No thanks,” when it was asked, “Do you want to buy your own domain for a few dollars extra?” 

You can delay Windows 10 updates – but not forever

Businesses seem pretty satisfied with Windows 10 overall. But there’s one feature that’s still confusing and confounding IT pros regularly: the update cycles. 

User gets fooled, company gets $600K fine

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently handed down a $600K fine after a user was fooled into handing over sensitive information to a hacker. Here’s how it all went down. 

Complex attacks leaving companies vulnerable

There’s plenty to worry about when it comes to cyberattacks. And while the old standbys like phishing attacks are always going to be troublesome, many companies are increasingly worried about advanced, highly-targeted attacks. 

Here’s what can go wrong when you pay off your attackers

Companies often say they won’t pay ransomware, no matter what. But the truth is, many often do.  

New tool decrypts passwords stored in managers

Password managers may be one good way to satisfy the hard-to-guess but still easy-enough-to-remember password conundrum users face. But a hacker’s new tool is a reminder that when you’ve been breached, no password manager or other security measure will be enough to protect you fully. 

FBI to ransomware victims: Just pay up

The FBI recently weighed in on the prevalence of malware attacks against users and companies. And their advice was essentially: You’re probably better off just paying the attackers. 

Ransom, SQL-injection, DDoS: Perfect storm hits company

TalkTalk, a British telecom giant, was nailed by a huge attack that incorporated DDoS, SQL-injection, and now, apparently, a ransom attempt to collect Bitcoins in order not to release the stolen information. It started (as many attacks do) with a DDoS that was likely meant to distract and overwhelm IT’s defenses. From there, it appears, an […]