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Cisco deals blow to prominent malware provider

Cisco’s Talos unit is saying that it has shut down a serious provider of ransomware. Here’s how. 

Hacker raises students’ tuition costs

A hacker whose ongoing attacks put Rutgers University’s cybersecurity under so much strain the school has had to increase tuition to fight back is still at it, according to reports. 

What lies ahead for 2016? Security fears, but little change

Spiceworks has surveyed IT pros on where they see themselves a year from now. Three big trends: stagnant budgets, slow hiring and a host of security worries ranging from natural disasters to clueless execs. 

Study reveals top security trends of 2015

So far, 2015 has seen its fair share of security news, good and bad (although with security news, the bad often far outweighs the good). And with the benefit of hindsight, we can now take some time to look back on these developments to find top trends so far this year – and what should be […]

Encryption isn’t the answer: It’s part of the answer

Yet another lesson from the Ashley Madison hack: If you’re counting on encryption of sensitive data to save the day, you may wind up regretting that decision. 

3 new developments in ransomware could spell trouble

The cyberattack that holds devices and information for ransom is only getting more popular with attackers. Find out what’s changing in ransomware, and whether your users should actually be concerned. 

Microsoft Edge gets its first patch

They grow up so fast: Microsoft’s new, more secure browser got its very first security patch on Tuesday. 

Meet the user most likely to cause a data breach

You’ve seen him walking the halls. You may have had pleasant conversations with him. By all accounts, he’s a great guy. He’s also a data breach waiting to happen. 

Why remote support is more crucial than ever

It appears working from home has finally reached the tipping point, with three-quarters of employees saying that’s where they feel most productive. But is this really a secure option? 

Latest tool in phishing campaigns: ‘CLI spoofing’

Social engineering hackers are using a cunning tool in the battle to make phishing attempts more believable – and successful. That tool: CLI-spoofing programs that lend legitimacy to attacks.