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Network gets a lesson in Passwords 101

A French TV network recently had to take 11 channels off the air temporarily while it responded to a major coordinated hacking attack. And it seems that incident didn’t teach them any lessons.

Video: Password advice from Edward Snowden

Security is no laughing matter – until it’s tackled by one of the preeminent comedians of the day. 

30% of companies would cave to ransomware pressure

  It’s hard to tell any company what to do when it’s in a no-win situation where its data is being held ransom by hackers. Even though the smartest approach might be to stay strong and not cave to the pressure, when it’s your information at stake, it’s tough to take the moral stand. 

From inbox to bank account: Tracing dastardly malware’s path

The most effective malware often relies on tried-and-true tactics executed to perfection by hackers. The latest example: Dyre Wolf, malware with a human element. Here’s how attackers have tricked companies out of more than $1 million so far. 

3 ways users are leaking sensitive data now

Users are your best security asset, but sometimes their actions can make them your worst nightmare. Here are three recent cases that highlight the importance of an attentive and security-conscious user base. 

Android: Maybe not as dangerous as we thought

There are certain statements in IT that just become almost accepted at face value over time: Internet Explorer is the worst. Apple devices don’t get viruses. Android devices are inherently dangerous.  

It’s just science: Users don’t pay attention to security messages

Thanks to a recent study, scientists may have confirmed what those in IT have long known: Users will most likely ignore security prompts that pop up on their screens. 

Yankees fans are the worst at passwords

OK, so maybe that’s a bit of an over-simplification. But in honor of March Madness, let’s look at how sports fans rank in another competitive field: security. 

Some users don’t care about passwords: Would even sell them

One day we’ll have a survey that shows users are starting to see the light on password security. Unfortunately, that’s not going to be today. 

Typo leads to 90 million stolen records

How do you steal tens of millions of records? All you need is a spoofed domain name containing a typo and a user too busy to notice one of the biggest phishing attacks of all time.