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Cash for passwords: The lowest-tech hacking scheme

Breaking into a company’s systems is incredibly difficult and time-consuming … except when it isn’t. 

Researcher: eBay isn’t addressing security flaw

According to a Check Point researcher, eBay is aware of a flaw involving JavaScript code, but it just doesn’t plan to do anything about it. Find out what it means for your company. 

Warning: Customer service pros need more social engineering training

Amazon is being called out by one customer for having his personal information revealed to hackers by customer service pros … three separate times. 

90% of IT pros worry about compromised credentials

If you’re scared of someone getting their hands on your users’ passwords, you’re not alone. Far from it, in fact.

The 25 worst passwords of 2015: How many of your users made the list?

Passwords should be easy-to-remember, hard-to-guess and unique. Give users who had these 25 passwords credit for getting one out of three right. 

Researchers name and shame default password offenders

Companies that have default passwords for equipment and software are being called out by researchers. And the list of offenders has some big names on it. 

60% of companies aren’t confident in their security systems … here’s why

There’s a new study that has an alarming finding for IT pros: 60% of those surveyed said their company’s security could be breached today. But the good news? It seems that many more executives are finally getting the message that security matters. 

What does the future hold for cloud security? Experts weigh in

This year could very well be the tipping point for moving to the cloud, if it hasn’t occurred already. But will the advances in adoption also bring advances in security, too? 

2016’s biggest security threats: What’s on the horizon?

Many companies that experienced a major security incident in 2015 will say good riddance to last year. But what does everyone have their eyes on going forward? 

Top 10 security and technology stories of 2015

There have been some major shifts in the tech scene this year. But which have gotten the most attention from readers?