Networking News

Organizations have never been more networked. Interconnected computers and servers allow businesses to share resources and information. Read the latest networking news and analysis below:

Have Linksys routers? Watch out for this malware

There’s a new threat to one of the most popular equipment manufacturers. Malware targeting multiple Linksys routers is turning up all over the place – and it’s not immediately apparent what this particular worm is up to. 

Target hack wasn’t advanced

Stealing credit card and personal information from millions of customers might seem like the kind of thing only a criminal mastermind could pull off. New information shows it was the result of one dumb security decision. 

What to do when executives won’t follow IT policies

A common problem when trying to enforce IT policies: Executives and others in the company expect special treatment. Here’s what IT managers can do in those situations. 

The top threats facing SMB networks

Keeping networks up and running is a critical job of any company’s IT department. Problems with the network can lead to down time, which in turn may mean lost revenue. 

Have you got your network covered for the holidays?

Even when tech pros find time for a vacation, IT systems need to stay up and running. In this guest post, SolarWinds’ Mav Turner gives network admins a list of steps they can take to make sure things run as smoothly as possible while they’re gone for the holidays. 

3 simple ways to optimize your network budget

Pretty much all vendors want to sell you more. Whether it’s hardware, software, or services, vendors want you to buy more. When it comes to buying more hardware, it’s very hard to ignore the Sirens’ call to get the latest technology. I mean, who doesn’t need 10GB to the desktop? You only have 1GB today, […]

Report: IT must fix aging infrastructure before new projects

Reports show that for most companies, the IT budget is growing or at least staying flat – however, many have to use that extra money to fix aging infrastructure that is in need of an upgrade. 

The most expensive IT problems of 2011

Whether they led to big fines for organizations or caused a lot of frustration and lost productivity for users, IT system and software failures had a big impact across the globe over the past year. 

Overlooked network security threat: The office printer

IT departments put a lot of effort into training users and installing firewalls and antivirus software to keep hackers from accessing company’s network via desktop PCs. But there are other devices with vulnerabilities that can threaten network security – for example, multifunction office printers.

IT preparing for IPv6 transition

It took a while, but it seems like most businesses are starting to realize it’s time to start getting ready for the transition to IPv6.