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Enterprise mobile technology is becoming essential in today's increasingly connected world. A deep understanding mobile and wireless technology is crucial for unlocking its tremendous potential. Read the latest in mobile technology and wireless news below:

10 keys for a BYOD policy that won’t get you sued

  At first, BYOD was something a few brave companies were giving a shot. Then it became a nice way to get users off corporate devices. Now company phones are rare and BYOD is becoming the norm. What’s the next hurdle for Bring Your Own Device? Keeping it from becoming a legal liability. 

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Android flaw succeeds despite security advice

There are some basic rules for mobile security that have long been thought to keep you in the clear. But researchers have discovered these rules might not be able to protect Android devices from “pileup” malware. 

Some new phones come loaded with malware

You probably give users advice on avoiding mobile malware. But there’s some bad news: Some of them could have phones that are infected through no fault of their own. 

The Android malware trend no one’s talking about

Another day, another study showing Android dominates Apple in mobile malware. But the latest study also has another figure that will be of interest to IT – one that doesn’t get nearly enough coverage. 

Majority of apps put mobile users at risk

There are a few old rules with mobile apps: free apps are much riskier than paid, and iOS apps are more secure than Android. By a new study of the most popular apps on these platforms has some surprising results – ones that IT could find worrisome for mobile users.

Apple’s security nightmare: What IT needs to know

One way you can tell how serious a cyberattack, data breach or other IT incident was is by looking at when it’s announced to the public. If it’s timed to avoid headlines, you know it’s pretty bad.  So when Apple announced a flaw in its products on a Friday evening, the general thinking was, “Yikes.” 

Smartphone hack could bypass passcodes

The  lines between old-fashioned hacking attacks and the kinds of high-tech, complicated code-cracking you might see in a “Mission Impossible” movie are starting to blur. And it’s a good reminder of why users should be practicing some basic rules on protecting smartphones. 

Watch out: Many users don’t know data transfer policies

Communicating policies to users isn’t easy. Some don’t understand them. Some willfully ignore them. And a new study shows that in at least one area, that gap is putting companies at risk. 

IT managers take note: Chromebooks have quietly taken off

With the cloud changing the way most every company does business, there has been a shocking twist in the computer market. Chromebooks, once thought to be a novelty or cheap second-screen option, have taken off in the last year. 

3 things IT gets wrong with mobile technology

IT’s relationship with mobile technology is often told as a valiant battle to keep systems secure against mobile threats. But that’s not how IT pros would like things to be.