Heads up: Data breaches could be getting more costly

What’s the cost of a few stolen laptops? Try $3 million, thanks to a controversial data breach settlement.

How one hacked Android device can breach a whole network

When employees use their personal smartphones, IT often worries that the data on an individual device will be compromised if it’s lost or stolen or gets infected with a virus. But BYOD security threats could be an even bigger issue than many companies realize, as one security researcher recently showed. 

Android 4.3 features BYOD firms will be happy about

While it’s being called a relatively minor update to the mobile OS, the new Android 4.3 has some features that could be good news for companies with BYOD programs or those that issue smartphones to users. 

Survey: 37% of users don’t password-protect their smartphones

Even as more employees start bringing personal smartphones and tablets to work, most small businesses aren’t taking steps to ensure BYOD security. 

Survey: This IT skill is in high demand now

Opportunities are increasing for workers in many IT jobs, but one group of IT professionals is in especially high demand right now: 

IT pros say most of their peers cheat on certification exams

Many IT professionals tout certifications to help themselves stand out during the hiring process. But managers beware: Some certifications you see listed on resumes may not have been earned honestly. 

Information security law would increase IT costs for businesses, critics say

A new information security law has been proposed in the Senate. If it’s passed, it could increase IT costs for many private companies, according to opponents of the bill. 

Cisco: The world will have more mobile devices than people this year

The number of mobile devices – and the amount of data they transmit – is increasing rapidly. 

Businesses don’t trust their disaster recovery plans

IT departments are currently facing the huge challenge of dealing with quickly increasing amounts of data while budgets remain flat. That’s especially causing problems when it comes to managing backups and preparing for disaster recovery. 

Some workers would give up a raise or spouse to telecommute

A recent poll reiterates what IT managers have probably heard a lot on their own: A lot of users would like to get set up to telecommute.