Data breaches aren’t just an IT concern … They’re a business concern

Cyberattacks and data breaches used to be things that IT pros tried desperately to warn others of. But now it seems like everyone else is starting to notice the elephant in the room. 

Cash for passwords: The lowest-tech hacking scheme

Breaking into a company’s systems is incredibly difficult and time-consuming … except when it isn’t. 

Microsoft keeps pushing Windows 10 on customers

Get ready to hear this question more often: “Should I be downloading Windows 10?” 

Researcher: eBay isn’t addressing security flaw

According to a Check Point researcher, eBay is aware of a flaw involving JavaScript code, but it just doesn’t plan to do anything about it. Find out what it means for your company. 

A lesson in database management, courtesy of Uber

It’s a common refrain among startups that they “want to be Uber, but for [fill in the blank.]” But the latest setback for the ride-sharing service probably doesn’t mean anyone’s lining up to be the Uber of security. 

Warning: Customer service pros need more social engineering training

Amazon is being called out by one customer for having his personal information revealed to hackers by customer service pros … three separate times. 

Data center outages approaching the $9,000/minute mark

In a few short years, data center outages have nearly doubled in cost. One big part of this trend: Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. 

90% of IT pros worry about compromised credentials

If you’re scared of someone getting their hands on your users’ passwords, you’re not alone. Far from it, in fact.

What the move to the cloud actually looks like … Warts and all

Most people talk about moving to the cloud as if it’s the end of your problems (vendors especially). But it’s not always smooth sailing, as a new analysis of existing studies shows. 

This year, resolve to cut down on your team’s stress

We’re about halfway through January, so that means most people have already given up on their New Year’s resolutions. Rather than just waiting for 2017 (that’s the year we’ll turn it all around!), why not change gears and resolve to make things a little better for your team?