Riskiest IoT devices: What you need to be on the lookout for

The risks of Internet of Things (IoT) and connected devices are often talked about. But it seems there’s a long way to go before device manufacturers start taking the security risks seriously. 

Companies less sure of their ability to assess risks

A new study shows that companies are concerned about their risk assessment capabilities.  

Holiday stress extends to IT security as well

Everyone’s under pressure during the holiday season. But for security pros, it’s pressure of a different kind: keeping systems safe as they’re increasingly targeted. 

Last-minute ruling means many techs won’t be overtime-eligible after all

A judge in Texas has issued a ruling that could delay or eliminate entirely a controversial change that would’ve made many IT workers eligible for overtime. 

Case study: Finding the perfect cloud partners

Most companies work with multiple cloud providers these days, and have learned the hard way: They’re not all created equal. Where some excel, others have drawbacks that make them less and less appealing over time. So how can you find the best providers more often? 

Software license violations could cost Navy millions

Yet another reason to fear shadow IT: A recent case of software license violations could cost the United States Navy hundreds of millions of dollars. 

Hackers advertise malware on Google, infect users’ devices

This is a situation you may have never thought you’d have to worry about: Google taking money from hackers, then passing the malware along to you. 

These are the worst passwords you could ever use

Getting users to select secure passwords is difficult. Getting them to stop using these old ‘passwords’ would be better than nothing. 

More than half of Windows users are on a 7-year-old version

That headline sounds bad, but hey … at least it’s not XP. 

How customers perceive your security, fail to protect their own

If for no other reason, security today takes on added importance for companies that want to show their customers they’re doing everything they can to secure information.