Monumental shift: Google Chrome dethrones Internet Explorer

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer was the dominant web browser since, basically, forever. But Google Chrome has captured a higher market share for the first time.

Study sees no rise in zero-days for 2015

It’s rare to find much good news when it comes to vulnerabilities, but if you’re looking for a silver lining, this could qualify.

$10 routers led to multi-million dollar attack

Here’s an important reminder to never skimp on hardware.

Ransomware pranks: Surprisingly effective

When companies get a ransom note saying they’ll be hit with attacks unless they pay up, some would rather fork over the money than deal with the fallout. Here’s a reason that strategy may not actually be the best idea.

10 tech skills in demand right now

While the job market for tech pros is strong, certain skills can put them over the edge.

What goes into a successful phishing attack? Study has the answers

Phishing is the primary choice for hackers looking to steal sensitive information or infect users systems’ with malware. But how is it that they’re so good at these attacks? 

Windows users: Time to disable QuickTime

Apple has announced that it will no longer update QuickTime for Windows users. That means it’s time to relegate the software to the garbage bin of technology. 

Think email threats are a thing of the past? Think again

With advanced zero-day attacks and exploit kits grabbing headlines, you might think that spam and other email threats were falling out of favor with hackers. But these attacks are still popular, partly because they’re such effective and cheap ways to get valuable data. 

The industry at biggest risk of cyberattacks

Any company can (and probably will) be targeted by cyberattackers at some point. But which industry is most at risk of attack? A new study has the answer. 

Critical ransomware cracked … for free

Things were looking pretty bleak for those who were infected by Petya ransomware. But an anonymous infosec pro has come up with a way to defeat the ransomware that prevented computers from booting up.