Phishing attack goes after Gmail users: What you need to know

Most phishing attacks are fairly simple. They often send an attachment or malicious link and try to get users to give up sensitive information. But this one works a bit differently. 

The 7 steps to becoming CIO

If “become CIO” is at the top of your To-Do List for this year, here’s a list of seven things you’ll need to do first.

California makes ransomware a crime

The law is notoriously slow to react to cybercrime, but California has recently become the second state to put ransomware-specific legislation on the books. 

The No. 1 reason your staff will be jumping ship this year

IT pros are looking to move on from their current careers at an alarming rate. Here’s why. 

Need to fire a tech? Be sure to do this first

There are a lot of qualified IT professionals out there, but that doesn’t mean they’ll all work out for your company. If it’s just not working and you need to let one go, here’s one step you should always take: Put yourself in a jury’s shoes. 

Price of complaining about poor software? Blacklisting

Hopefully you’ve never had to deal with a vendor this unprofessional. But it’s a good reminder that reading the TOS carefully on any software is an absolute must. 

They gave what at the office??? Craziest holiday gift exchanges

It’s the time of year when many employees and bosses search for the perfect gift … or just the easiest re-gift they can think of. But in an attempt to find that ideal gift, sometimes people stray far from the mark – and wind up with items like the ones featured in a recent survey by […]

Malware discovered on 26 Android devices

Even if your users careful about not picking up malware, they could still be infected. That’s because many attackers are loading the devices with viruses and spyware before users even power them on for the first time. 

Enterprise apps and security: An uneasy relationship

Now more than ever, enterprise apps are essential to getting work done. But securing these apps is a difficult process – and one that developers struggle with. 

The phishing attack your users will fall for next

Phishers are smart. They know what attacks work, and how to press the right buttons that get users to open their messages.