Enterprise 2.0

Enterprise 2.0 is changing the world of business. Organizations want to empower their employees through tools like social media, without sacrificing productivity or security. Read the latest enterprise 2.0 news and insights below:

Setting the record straight: Showing IT’s value to the bottom line

IT’s long had a reputation as being a cost-center. The argument goes that the entire IT department is a drain on resources that could be better utilized making the company money. Of course, this isn’t accurate – but setting the record straight won’t be easy. 

Businesses are starting to get spooked by the cloud

When the Edward Snowden leaks first went public last year, the buzz began almost immediately: Will businesses still trust the cloud knowing that it could easily be subject to snooping? And the answer came just as quickly. Of course they will. Well, now that picture’s been clouded a bit. 

12 IT jobs in demand right now

Predicting where IT hiring isn’t easy. It seems like every day there’s a conflicting report about where the job market is going. 

Windows 8 is picking up: But XP’s still hanging around

Everyone knows by now that Windows XP support is going away in a few short months. But that doesn’t mean everybody is doing something about it yet. 

Can a social media policy violate free speech principles?

One organization’s social media policy is getting a lot of backlash for what’s being called “a gross violation of the fundamental principles of academic freedom.” 

Does the IT department have a future?

With the rise of cloud services and open-source in business, there’s an ongoing debate in some companies: What is our IT department really for? 

Lack of expertise is killing Big Data projects

We’ve all heard about the near limitless potential of Big Data. And if you haven’t been asked to head on up yet, it could be a matter of time until you are. 

Companies not ready for new technologies, survey says

While new technologies such as cloud computing, Big Data, mobile devices and social networks are catching on, businesses and IT departments are still trying to figure out the best ways to implement and manage them, according to a recent survey from The Open Group. 

The role of IT in the adoption of cloud-based collaboration systems

While cloud computing applications eliminate the need for some management on the part of IT, tech leaders still have a role to play when those services are implemented, as George Hillston discusses in this guest post. 

What is cloud computing? A guide for business leaders

Sure, everyone in IT knows at least the basic concepts of cloud computing and what the primary risks and benefits are. But that’s not always the case with people in the rest of the organization — and they’re often the ones making decisions about the cloud. Here’s a guide tech pros can pass on to […]