Hacking Point of Sale: Payment Application Secrets, Threats, and Solutions (FREE eBook) Usually $48.99

As recent breaches like Target and Neiman Marcus show, payment card information is involved in more security breaches than any other data type. In too many places, sensitive card data is simply not protected adequately. This ebook tackles this enormous problem head-on. Exploring all aspects of the problem in detail – from how attacks are […]

Online Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking – FREE Video Training Course

The need for capable ethical hackers is a global need. Ethical hackers are “white-hat” hackers (aka the good guys) that penetrate secured systems to highlight flaws and weaknesses in a system. They help government agencies, private businesses and public organizations identify what is secure and what needs to be fixed. If the idea of hacking […]

Finding the Best Phone Systems Companies

When you need to replace or upgrade your business phone system, finding a reliable, trustworthy phone system company is potentially more important than the telephone hardware you choose. Ultimately, the best telephone systems companies are those that treat your business like a partner, taking the time to understand your needs so they can offer a […]

Compare Free Price Quotes on Document Management Systems

If your business deals with a large amount of paperwork such as government regulations, blueprints, product manuals, client contracts, or legal files, you may benefit from a document management system. A document management system, or content management system (CMS), will organize your physical files into electronic records. It can be used in any type of […]

7 Different Uses Of Integrating Google Drive With Gmail

When the number of tools you use is actually making life more complicated, it is time to integrate. Let’s start with Google Drive and Gmail. Thankfully, there are a number of ways that you can integrate Gmail and Google Drive so that in a way, they act as one single tool that you won’t be […]

Network Monitoring and Troubleshooting for Dummies

This eBook details what you need to know to select a best of breed network performance management solution and outlines the critical capabilities required for deep application visibility across virtualized, hybrid and cloud networks no matter where a user is located. Learn more!  

Do Passwords Really Protect Your PDF?

Learn more to find out how password protection failures can make you: Lose data by people sharing passwords with others, especially through email. Lack the ability of knowing if an unauthorized person has read your files. Have PDFs with passwords that are easy to crack within minutes. Click here to learn more!  

The Rise of Machine Data: Are You Prepared?

The amount of machine data available requires complex analysis and correlation across different types of data sets. Companies that can perform this analysis stand to reap the rewards. IBM’s big data approach can help you gain business insights and visibility into the customer experience. Click here to learn more!  

Step Out of the Bull’s-Eye: Protect Your Organization Against Advanced Threats and Targeted Cyberattacks

In recent years, threat actors have become increasingly focused on targeting corporations to obtain sensitive information for financial profit or economic espionage. Regardless of the adversaries’ motives, corporations understand the need to implement defensive measures to secure their infrastructure and sensitive data while mitigating the risk of future attacks. Click here to download!  

10 Compelling Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 10

Windows 10 has debuted on July 29, and free upgrades are being offered to a lot of existing Windows users. But what exactly does Windows 10 offer and is it a worthwhile progression? Download this guide to learn the 10 reasons you should upgrade. Learn more!