iPad CTO Kit – including the iPad Tips and Tricks Guide for IT Executives and Managers

Download this kit to learn everything you need to know about IT Management. The iPad CTO Kit brings together the latest in information, coverage of important developments, and expert commentary to help with your IT Management related decisions. Click here to download your free kit!  

Six Essential Elements of Web Application Security

Like all competitive businesses, your application developers and operation teams are constantly under pressure to move quickly. Everybody wants their application security efforts to be effective, but only if they don’t unduly impede workflow or drive up costs. To balance these potentially-competing objectives, industry-leading organizations often use six elements in their approach to web application […]

History of Cryptography

This white paper presents a brief history of cryptography and how encryption-related technologies have evolved and will continue to evolve as well as the measures Internet users should consider when implementing modern encryptions. Click here to read the free whitepaper!  

Making the Right Virtual Server Backup Software Buying Decision

Many small and midsized businesses are at a crossroads when it comes to selecting the right backup solution to protect their environments. Many now have a mix of physical and virtual servers to protect and when they try to use their existing backup software to protect it or, alternatively, search for new backup software that […]

The Essentials of CTO’s Free Kit

The Essentials of CTO’s, brings together the latest in information, coverage of important developments, and expert commentary to help with your CTO related decisions. The following kit contents will help you get the most out of your technology research: An IT Manager’s Nightmare: Is Your Company prepared For The Next Vicious DDoS Attack? Benchmarking Mobile […]

Contractor Access: Mitigating Security and Risk Issues

Contractors introduce a unique challenge for businesses and for IT. Their contracts are limited, so you need to be able to quickly give them access to the right data, limit their access to other data, and ensure their access ends when their contract does. But how can you do that for all of them? In […]

Rethinking Your Enterprise Security

Forward-thinking enterprises realize that they need a sustainable approach to security and risk management, one that addresses the new wave of vulnerabilities that prevail due to increasing trends in IT consumerization, mobility, social media, cloud computing, cybercrime, and nation-state attacks. Click here to learn more!  

Broken Code and Shattered Dreams: How to Ensure Software Success in Your Business

In today’s enterprise, applications are the lifeblood of the business. Whether you’re talking customer-facing e-commerce, banking and travel applications, or business-critical apps for your internal employees and partners, applications are what enable you to do business. It’s no wonder that 86% of organizations agree that application services are very or critically important to their business. […]

Compare Free Price Quotes on Document Management Systems

If your business deals with a large amount of paperwork such as government regulations, blueprints, product manuals, client contracts, or legal files, you may benefit from a document management system. A document management system, or content management system (CMS), will organize your physical files into electronic records. It can be used in any type of […]

Beginner’s Guide to SSL Certificates: Making the Best Choice When Considering Your Online Security Options

Whether you are an individual or a company, you should approach online security in the same way that you would approach physical security for your home or business. Not only does it make you feel safer but it also protects people who visit your home, place of business, or website. It is important to understand […]