IT Disaster Recovery Planning for Dummies (a $19.99 value) FREE Until 4/21

If you have a business or a nonprofit organization, or if you’re the one responsible for information systems at such an operation, you know that disaster recovery planning is pretty vital. But it’s easy to put it off. After all, where do you start? IT Disaster Recovery Planning For Dummies shows you how to get […]

Top 10 Website Security Myths Revealed

When it comes to protecting your website and customers from attack, knowledge is your best weapon. But with ever-changing threats and ever-evolving defenses comes ever-growing potential for common misconception. To help you cut through the confusion, view our essential guide now and separate website security myth from reality. Click here to download the free guide!  

History of Cryptography

This white paper presents a brief history of cryptography and how encryption-related technologies have evolved and will continue to evolve as well as the measures Internet users should consider when implementing modern encryptions. Click here to read the free whitepaper!  

Securing Your Private Keys As Best Practice for Code Signing Certificates

Certificates are for more than just Web servers, and code-signing certificates in particular can make your enterprise more secure, make your software more accepted, and even stop malware in its tracks. Learn about the many ways in which code-signing certificates are being used to create more secure, more trustworthy, and more accepted software in a […]

4 Steps to Successful IT Systems Management

Organizations both large and small, public and private, U.S.-based and international are facing unprecedented challenges in an effort to support critical business initiatives in today’s dynamic business environment. Users are now distributed, mobile and technology savvy. They bring their own mobile devices to the workplace and expect quick and efficient IT services and support for […]

Exploring Windows 8 For Dummies: $9.99 eBook, FREE for a limited time!

Exploring Windows 8 For Dummies packs 168 pages of magazine-style articles, lavish illustrations, and great tips into an eye-catching publication that shows you how to use the new Windows 8 operating system from start to finish. Explore new features, like the touchscreen-style interface, a big change from the classic Windows look and feel. Click here […]

The Evolving Role of the CIO

As the role of IT rapidly changes from enforcer to enabler, CIOs have the opportunity to become strategic partners to the business. In this Google for Work collection, Google’s SVP for Technical Infrastructure, Urs Holzle and CIO, Ben Fried discuss three trending topics that can help you transform your organization. Click here to learn more!  

Who’s Spying on You?

You’re aware of the threats of malware to your business but what about the ever-changing ground rules? Cybercriminals today are launching attacks against businesses by copying sophisticated malware and techniques used to target governments and high-profile organizations. Don’t get caught in the crossfire. Read our special report “Who’s Spying on You?” to find out more. […]

How to Choose the Best CMS for Customer Experience Management

With so many possibilities, it can be difficult to select the best CMS tools for your needs. This free guide will help you make the right CMS decision for your business by letting you review the critical features of web content management systems. Click here to learn more!  

The Essentials of the Cloud Free Kit

The Essentials of the Cloud, brings together the latest in information, coverage of important developments, and expert commentary to help with your Cloud related decisions. Click here to learn more!