IT Compliance for Dummies

Compliance is a big fact of life for many organizations. At the core, it mostly concerns obedience to laws and regulations, especially regarding the use of Information Technology (IT). This eBook is all about understanding IT policy compliance, and discovering how your organization can use technology and business processes to fulfill compliance requirements set by […]

10 Google Docs Tips That Take Seconds and Save You Time

If Chrome is the fastest way to get on the web every morning, Google Drive is the place for work productivity. The popularity of Google Drive has made the cloud a happy place to be. Of all the tools on Google Drive, Docs as the text editor is the first choice for everyday tasks. And […]

Finding the Best Phone Systems Companies

When you need to replace or upgrade your business phone system, finding a reliable, trustworthy phone system company is potentially more important than the telephone hardware you choose. Ultimately, the best telephone systems companies are those that treat your business like a partner, taking the time to understand your needs so they can offer a […]

Compare Free Price Quotes on Document Management Systems

If your business deals with a large amount of paperwork such as government regulations, blueprints, product manuals, client contracts, or legal files, you may benefit from a document management system. A document management system, or content management system (CMS), will organize your physical files into electronic records. It can be used in any type of […]

Cisco 2015 Annual Security Report

The Cisco 2015 Annual Security Report, which presents the research, insights, and perspectives provided by Cisco® Security Research and other security experts within Cisco, explores the ongoing race between attackers and defenders, and how users are becoming ever weaker links in the security chain. Click here to learn more!  

Density in the Data Center

There are a number of challenges for both the Facilities and IT teams of a datacenter that are associated with implementing a power-dense data center. Among these are cost, heat, load balancing, environmental and power monitoring, increased network traffic, and configuration management of systems. Download this industry brief to learn more. Click here to learn […]

Enabling the Modern Business through IT

Discover the core characteristics of the modern enterprise, and the new ERP strategies adopted by rapidly growing enterprises like Williams-Sonoma and Knowledge Universe to support their growth. Download this white paper on how cloud ERP can help IT meet rapidly evolving business needs. Click here to learn more!  

The Essentials of Business Intelligence/Big Data Summer 2015 Exclusive Kit

The Essentials of Business Intelligence/Big Data Summer 2015 Exclusive Kit, brings together the latest in information, coverage of important developments, and expert commentary to help with your Business Intelligence/Big Data related decisions. Click here to learn more!  

Cybersecurity: Managing Systems, Conducting Testing, and Investigating Intrusions

$48.99 Value FREE for a Limited Time! ybersecurity involves preventative methods to protect information from attacks. It requires a thorough understanding of potential threats.This essential book addresses cybersecurity strategies that include identity management, risk management, and incident management, and also serves as a detailed guide for anyone looking to enter the security profession. Click here […]

Inside Windows 10: An Early Look At Microsoft’s Newest Operating System

$14.95 Value, FREE! Available Until 6/13 Many people believe Windows 10 will simply be an upgrade to Windows 8.1. They’re dead wrong. The truth is, this OS is a much bigger deal than all the other Operating Systems Microsoft have ever developed. Windows 10 isn’t going to be just another operating system. Microsoft is planning […]