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What’s around the bend? 9 predictions for business intelligence

With Big Data and cloud applications thrust onto its plate, IT has increasingly become the go-to department for business intelligence (BI) projects. But turning data into business decisions is a constantly changing field – which makes it hard to catch up, let alone know what’s coming next. 

Heartbleed’s coming for your servers: Protect yourself

The Heartbleed bug made the jump from technology news sites to major media outlets incredibly quickly. The standard advice was for users to change passwords on sites they care about and keep an eye out for suspicious activity. But now there’s some alarming news for IT pros: Servers are also at risk. 

Suddenly, everybody’s a cloud expert: What it means for IT

There was probably a time in your career when you were the only person in the company who had heard the term “the cloud,” let alone had any idea of how it works. But two new surveys show the problem might now be that everyone outside of IT feels like they know it all when […]

Want a secure server? Get ready to open your wallet

A change to HP’s policies could have IT pros seeing red – and forking over some green – in order to keep systems secure and up to date. 

3 security risks of virtualization and what IT can do

More small businesses are relying on virtual servers and desktops to help cut costs and improve the IT infrastructure. Are they prepared for the potential security risks of virtualization? 

4 best practices for big data

Big data is a common buzzword in the business industry today, and companies everywhere are looking for the best way to put it to work. In this guest post, Emily Miller offers some advice for companies looking to take advantage. 

Half of companies don’t care about data center efficiency

Green IT has been in the news a lot lately. But are stories about how big companies cut their data center power and cooling costs actually making other firms give up on doing so themselves? 

IT keys for reaping the rewards of Big Data

These days, everyone is hearing about Big Data, but few companies know the best ways to implement it. In this guest post, IT instructor Michael Dorf has some advice for businesses. 

Simple steps to reduce power costs in the data center

Powering and cooling a data center takes up a lot of most companies’ operating budgets. The good news: There are a few steps IT can take to lower those costs. 

5 key factors for managing airflow in a server room

Any business with a server room has to balance the pressure to cut power and cooling costs with the need to keep IT equipment from overheating. In this guest post, data center expert Rob James explains how organizations can improve the airflow in their server rooms to control costs and keep equipment safe.