Survey: Majority of companies aren’t ready for BYOD

Most tech experts agree, the consumerization of IT and BYOD are coming, whether IT departments are ready or not. And, according to one recent report, most aren’t. 

Employees are starting to work with their own personal mobile devices, and many say they would do so even if their company’s IT department had no formal BYOD program. And that’s only going to become more common as smartphones and tablets increase in popularity and younger, more tech-savvy people enter the workforce.

In fact, one recent survey found that 55% of professionals in their twenties say working with a personal smartphone is a right, rather than a privilege — and 36% would work with a personal device even if their employer didn’t support BYOD.

Many experts warn IT should take notice and realize that personal devices in the workplace are inevitable — and instead of trying to ban the practice, companies should create BYOD programs designed to help protect data security and prevent legal problems.

Most companies have no BYOD policy

However, most companies have a long way to go in preparing for BYOD, according to the most recent “State of the Network” survey from Network World.

Among the organizations surveyed, only 16% said they have a BYOD policy in place. That’s much lower than the reported percentages of employees who say they’re using a personal device at work, meaning a lot of businesses could be subject to legal or security risks.

In addition:

  • Just 13%  of organizations have deployed mobile device management (MDM) software — Those software tools can allow companies to enforce security policies, push updates, manage what apps are installed and complete other tasks that make BYOD management easier and less risky.
  • Only 8% have created corporate app stores — For companies that plan to develop custom apps for users or want more control over the software on their phones, a custom app store may be the solution.
  • Just 20% have added formal support for tablets — While smartphones were a big hit first, tablets are catching on with employees, and IT departments must get ready to support those, as well.

Is your company preparing for BYOD? Get some help by reading our BYOD policy template.

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