Businesses facing multiple ransomware attacks yearly

Ransomware is arguably the biggest threat your company faces when it comes to cybersecurity. And it’s rarely a one-time attack.

A new survey from security software company SentinelOne found that more than half of businesses faced a ransomware attack in the last year.

Of those businesses, most said they faced an average of five attacks during that year, and the amount of time spent decrypting those attacks averaged out to 40 man-hours.

You know the threat of ransomware isn’t something that just goes away, and this new survey drives that fact home.

The 2018 Global Ransomware Study also looked at which industries were most impacted by ransomware threats.

The leader? IT, technology and telecommunications, in which 67% of companies faced an attack.

Other hard-hit industries included construction and property, and energy, oil/gas and utilities.

Key priority

It’s more important now than ever: protecting your organization from ransomware is a key priority.

Continue to keep abreast of security innovations and monitor major threats that could be coming your way.

After all, you’ll want to be ready for whatever’s on the horizon.


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