Survey: Business iPad users will stick with the tablet

Apple’s iPad has dominated the consumer tablet market, and it appears to be doing so in business as well. In fact, even IT professionals are using them at work, according to a recent survey. 

Many iPad owners are using the device in a business context, according to a recent global survey of iPad-using business and IT decision makers conducted by IDG Connect.

Among those people, 51% say they “always” use their iPad at work. Another 40% use the device at work “sometimes.”

Those decision makers also plan on sticking with the iPad — just 17% of respondents said they’d consider buying a different tablet next time.

Despite the use of the iPad for work purposes, just 13% of respondents said their device was supplied by an employer.

However, that might change soon, as some experts say IT won’t be able to stop users from bringing the device of their choice into the office — therefore, companies will decide to buy them so users can at least work on more secure corporate-owned and IT-controlled devices.

Does anyone in your organization use the iPad at work? Does the company provide them to users? Let us know in the comments section below.