Business execs: ‘Move to the cloud already’

With many technologies, it often takes IT a while to convince business folks to approve new investments. But with cloud computing, it appears as though the opposite may be happening.

Business executives are getting impatient with the speed with which their companies’ IT departments are adopting cloud services, according to a recent survey by consulting and outsourcing firm Accenture.

Based on a poll of 1,035 business and IT execs, the study reveals the main reasons IT managers are reluctant to move to the cloud, namely, security issues and the fear of being locked in to contracts.

On the other hand, the business people surveyed recognized the benefits of cloud computing, such as costs savings and flexibility, and they feel their IT departments aren’t moving fast enough.

Of course, cloud computing can have many benefits for IT as well. Experts recommend technology pros work with the business folks to come up with solutions to their concerns and develop plans that can benefit everyone.