Beyond IT security: Protecting your company from all threats

IT puts a lot of effort into securing networks, servers, and users’ computers. But what about the bigger picture? Taking a look at physical security and focusing on different protective measures can help an organization cover all of its bases. 

Refreshing company security policies within different parts of an organization will ensure that the company, its data and its employees are always well protected. Updating cameras, security personnel, and double checking defensive measures to protect information are easy steps to keeping a company safe.

While overall security goes beyond just technology, IT can lead the efforts and cooperate with other departments to look into what could be improved. Jump starting the security check allows all different parts of a company to work together and collaborate on what will make their business the most successful at stopping threats.

Here are some in different corners of an organization to keep an eye on:

  • Call Centers: For many businesses, call centers are critical parts of the operation. An even balance of physical and digital security is a must.
  • Data Centers: Protecting company data is extremely important. Along with making sure the data is protected from cyber threats, the building itself should be looked at to prevent physical theft.
  • Mailroom: While more and more is going digital, the mailroom still contains the inner workings of a company. Ensuring employees are equipped to deal with all types of mail and are able to identify suspicious packages will allow what comes in and out to stay secure.
  • Multi-tenant buildings: If offices are within a shared space, double check the risk profile of the other business. Identify how the other businesses might affect your security measures and how company employees get into the office to make sure that the two companies stay separate.