Believe the hype: Demand for pros with cloud skills grows dramatically

For years now we’ve been hearing the hype about “cloud computing,” technology’s new frontier. Looks like all the hype is actually driving cloud adoption — if you believe job stats and leading analysts.

Firms are looking to hire workers with cloud skills in rapidly increasing numbers, according to tech job board site The number of organizations looking for these skills increased over the last year by a mind-boggling 258%. No sector of the tech skills market has grown that dramatically.

If companies are increasingly looking for help from techies with cloud expertise, it must mean they’re planning to move at least some of their operations in that direction.

In addition, the experts at Gartner have listed cloud computing as the top strategic technology for the coming year.

Because these services can be either public or shrouded in privacy, there will be a wide range of options for organizations to experiment with in the coming months. Gartner predicts that the next three years will see the delivery of a range of cloud service approaches that fall between public and private.

Vendors will offer packaged private cloud services that deliver their public cloud service technologies. Who’s going to make these decisions? Likely companies will form a team that understands business needs, finance priorities and tech capability.