AT&T: 40% of iPhones sold to business users — is that true?

Since the iPhone was first released, there’s been a disconnect between users who want to use the device for work and IT pros concerned the iPhone doesn’t belong in a business setting. Are IT departments coming around?

That’s what AT&T, the sole network carrier for the iPhone, would like to believe.

Ron Spears, CEO of the mobile company’s Business Solutions unit, recently commented that four out of every ten iPhones are sold to business users.

That’s an impressive figure, and would likely surprise many IT pros whose companies don’t support the iPhone.

However, Spears’ figures don’t necessarily mean 40% of iPhones are sold to businesses who are giving them to employees. As ComputerWorld reports, a more likely scenario is that the number includes iPhones sold to individuals who also use them for basic work-related tasks, like accessing e-mail.

That interpretation of Spears’ comments concurs with recent research by Gartner, an analyst said.

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