Antivirus software too slow to update, report says

Businesses rely on antivirus software to keep malicious programs off the company network. A recent study suggests they shouldn’t be relied on too much.

On average, antivirus programs detect just 19% of malware on the first day it’s released into the wild, according to a recent study by web intelligence firm Cyveillance. And even after 30 days, detection rates improve to just 61%.

Antivirus vendors have criticized the study, because it only looked at signature-based malware detection (in which the software uses virus definitions to block specific pieces of software) and ignored other methods that proactively block malicious code before the definitions have been updated.

However, while that may throw the numbers off, the point of the study is still valid: New viruses are created every day, and it’s impossible for security software to keep up. Cyveillance urges companies to boost their defenses by training users on safe computing habits.