Android or iPad: Which tablet is better for business?

Many businesses and users are turning to tablets as workplace devices. What’s the most popular tablet for use in business? That depends on where you are. 

Across the globe, Android is set to become the popular platform for workplace tablets, according to a recent survey from IDG Connect.

Currently, Apple’s iPad has the edge over the competition, as 71% of the 3,124 IT and business professionals surveyed currently own a tablet, and 51% own an iPad.

However, among those that don’t currently own a tablet, 44% say they plan to purchase an Android device, compared to 27% for the iPad. In addition, 3% will opt for Windows 8 and 21% aren’t sure.

The numbers vary a lot by region, though. Android was the most popular choice in developing markets, such as Africa, as well as in Europe, where 49% of first-time tablet buyers plan to purchase an Android device. In North America, on the other hand, buyers were almost evenly split, with 30% opting for Android and 29% opting for the iPad.

While the iPad may often be seen as more of a consumer device than one built for business, 83% of iPad owners said they use their device for work on at least a weekly basis, compared to 78% of Android owners.

Which tablet platform do you think is best in a business environment? Which, if any, do you use? Let us know in the comments section.