77% of firms facing security ‘red alert’

Most businesses still run Windows XP SP2 on at least some of their PCs. And they’d better move quickly to update, because security patches will soon no longer be offered.

How many businesses still run Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2), the update that was issued more than six years ago? More than three-quarters (77%) of companies are running SP2 on 10% or more of their PCs, according to a recent report by tech services provider Softchoice, which analyzed 278,498 corporate and public sector PCs.

On average, 36% of all organizations’ PCs run SP2.

That could cause problems soon, as Microsoft will stop releasing patches for SP2 after July 13. Dean Williams, services development manager at Softchoice, called the impending security issues those businesses face a “red alert.”

He recommends those organizations move quickly to update to SP3. For larger companies, there could be significant work involved, but the benefits far outweigh the risks of keeping an unpatched OS installed.