76% of organizations struck by phishing attacks in 2017

Phishing attacks remain one of the most common security risks for IT professionals and organizations, according to a new report from Wombat Security.

The State of the Phish Report 2018 revealed that 76% of organizations were hit with phishing attacks last year. That percentage remained steady from 2016, meaning these attacks aren’t going anywhere soon.

Phishing is often used as a prelude to a second attack, so it’s essential to protect against the first round.

Protecting your company

Many companies surveyed in the report have strategies for protecting against phishing attacks. The most popular include:

  • email/spam filters
  • advanced malware analysis
  • outbound proxy protection, and
  • URL wrapping.

In addition to these measures, many corporations are building up their training on how to avoid phishing scams and using computers safely.

Many companies also send out monthly notifications or newsletters to keep workers updated on potential attacks and keep IT safety at the front of employees’ minds.

All it takes is one worker’s click on a phishing email to bring a host of trouble to your company.

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