5 things IT hates about software vendors

Got a list of complaints about some of the software vendors you’ve worked with in the past? You aren’t alone.

A group of IT executives, led by Gartner, is currently working on producing a “code of conduct” for tech vendors. The group hopes suppliers will take notice and correct the problems.

The code was discussed at Gartner’s recent Symposium/ITxpo in Orlando, ComputerWorld reports. Among the complaints listed by the IT execs:

  1. The lack of regular and predictable software updates
  2. Unreasonable and unpredictable maintenance fee increases
  3. The inability to end support contracts for products that are no longer used
  4. A lack of clearly defined and guaranteed response times for support, and
  5. The inability to structure support so critical systems get the highest priority.

What are your biggest complaints about software vendors and support contracts? Let us know in the comments section.