5 IT skills companies want now

Folks with certain IT skills and experience are in high demand. While some types of IT employees will always be sought after, there are some new skill sets companies are looking for now.

That’s the word from a recent report from IT job board Dice.com. Dice keeps track of what terms hiring managers use when searching for resumes. A study of those searches revealed some surprising skill sets that companies are currently looking for:

  1. iRise (a simulation platform used to test-drive software during the development process)
  2. COTS (commercial off-the-shelf software development)
  3. Crystal SDK
  4. PeopleSoft Security, and
  5. NetApp.

For IT job seekers, it’s important to keep in mind that many employers search resume databases before they even post a job. So before uploading a resume to a job site, make sure you’ve included all relevant terms.

And hiring managers must be aware that their competitors are conducting detailed resume searches, and the companies that do the best searching will snatch up the top job candidates first.