4 questions to ask before choosing cloud vendors

Before signing up to use any cloud computing service, there are some key pieces of information you’ll need to find out.

Here are four important questions you need to answer:

  1. How responsive is the vendor? — During your talks, pay close attention to how quickly the provider calls you back. That can give an indication how quickly they’ll respond when there’s a problem.
  2. How transparent is the company? — You should be able to get plenty of information from vendors about their infrastructure, security practices, etc. If you’re questions aren’t answered, there could be a problem.
  3. How serious is the vendor about keeping to the agreement? — Vendor contracts will guarantee certain service levels. It’s important to know what those are, of course, but it’s just as important to know what penalties there are when the vendor breaches the agreement.
  4. What happens if the vendor goes under? — There’s no guarantee a cloud provider will be around forever. Therefore, vendor agreements should stipulate that all data will be backed up somewhere and retrievable if the provider goes out of business.