There are 3 simple questions that can make your 1-on-1 meetings more efficient

As an IT manager, you’ve probably had many one-on-one conversations with employees.

Working in IT can be a solitary pursuit, and many of your employees might feel more comfortable in individual settings, rather than group meetings.

What to ask

We know you know how to have an efficient one-on-one, but your employees may not know what to expect — or what they should aim to get out of it.

There are three key questions you can ask to improve efficiency and make things clearer for them:

  1. What do you need? This question shows workers that you care about their well-being and want to help them do their best.
  2. What’s getting in your way? Putting it in simple terms can help employees figure out what, if anything, is going wrong. Sometimes the only thing they need is another pair of eyes looking at the problem.
  3. What can I do as your manager to help? Ultimately, you have the power to help your workers, so let them tell you what role they want you to play. And they’re the experts on their projects, so they know best how you can help.


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