Which IT pros will get the biggest raises in 2013?

Several recent reports have attempted to predict how IT salaries will change in the new year, and most of them have given IT pros a lot of reasons to look forward to 2013. However, the latest research says salary increases will depend a lot on job level and company size. 

That’s the message in a recent IT salary report issued by Janco, Inc., and eJobDescription.com, using information from the fourth quarter of last year.

Over the past 12 months, average IT salaries increased by just under 2%. IT pros working in mid-sized companies gained the most, seeing on average a 2.39% increase, compared to 1.61% increase in large enterprises.

A lot of the growth is benefiting CIOs and other IT execs, as those folks saw IT salaries increase by more than 6% over the past year in large enterprises. At mid-sized companies, the gain was only 1.6% — but CIOs at mid-sized firms have fared better in the long-term, earning more than they were in 2008, with enterprise CEOs still waiting to return to where they were at that point.

Should IT pros expect a salary increase in the near future? That depends on a few factors, according to Janco and eJobDescription. The report splits its predictions by company size (large or mid-sized) and job level (executives, middle managers and staff).

The top gains will be seen by:

  • Executives at mid-sized companies (an expected 2.96% increase)
  • Staff at mid-sized enterprises (2.55%)
  • Staff at large enterprises (2.47%), and
  • Middle managers at large enterprises (2.46%).

Less fortunate will be:

  • Executives at large enterprises (an expected decrease of 1.51%), and
  • Middle managers at mid-sized companies (a 1.99% increase).

IT salaries depend on skills

Of course, a professional’s individual skill set and experience will also play a big role in what to expect in terms of IT salary. According to Janco and eJobDescription, IT pros working in quality control, records management and data center operations will be the most in demand, partly due to the healthcare industry’s switch to electronic health records.

Previous IT salary surveys have predicted the biggest gains for:

  • Cloud computing professionals
  • Big data specialists
  • Mobile application developers
  • Wireless network engineers
  • Web developers