2 major security flaws found in 90% of world computers

Researchers have discovered two serious security problems with microprocessors in nearly all the world’s computers, according to the New York Times.

The problems, named Spectre and Meltdown, could be exploited by hackers to access the entire memory contents of computers, mobile devices and servers in cloud networks.

Meltdown’s primary impact is on cloud computing services and affects almost every microprocessor made by Intel — whose chips are used in 90% of computer servers.

Keep software updated

Although Google, Microsoft and Apple have all updated their systems to deal with Meltdown, the software patches could slow machines down by 20-30%.

As for Spectre, right now there’s no known fix for the flaw, but it’s harder for hackers to exploit. However, unlike Meltdown, it’s not mostly limited to one company. Spectre is a design flaw that affects almost every available microprocessor.

So what should you do? For now, keep updating systems as companies make patches available. Because these may cause computer slowdowns, inform your employees that their devices might not be as fast as usual.

There may not be a widespread fix available any time soon, and researchers say this could be a problem we’re dealing with for years.

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