Data gets easier to lose as it becomes more portable

Have any of your company’s users lost USB memory sticks, along with info they were carrying around for work? Here’s where they may have ended up:

The dry cleaner.

That’s right, an estimated 17,000 USB drives were left in clothes waiting to be cleaned last year, according to a survey of 500 dry cleaners and laundromats conducted by Credant Technologies.

That’s four times the number of drives found in 2009, according to a survey from a year ago, as portable storage has become cheaper and more commonplace.

Hopefully, most of the lost drives were returned to their owners and didn’t contain any sensitive information. But it’s easy to imagine a scenario in which a user accidentally releases a lot of confidential corporate data into the world because he or she left a tiny memory stick in a pocket.

Warn users to be careful when they carry data around.

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