12 IT jobs in demand right now

Predicting where IT hiring isn’t easy. It seems like every day there’s a conflicting report about where the job market is going. 

Some say hiring will pick up steam. Others are saying we’re in a period of decline that’s not likely to end.

Skills that’ll advance careers

But regardless of the overall trends, there are some positions that are definitely in demand. Training provider K Alliance has put out an infographic highlight the top 12 jobs in IT for advancing careers – including the average salaries.

They are:

  1. Systems analyst ($73,000)
  2. Software developer ($92,000)
  3. Mechanical engineer ($82,000)
  4. Cloud architect ($112,000)
  5. Web developer ($90,000)
  6. IT consultant ($94,600)
  7. Mobile app developer ($90,000)
  8. Network engineer ($91,000)
  9. Program/project manager ($68,000)
  10. Forensic investigator ($64,000)
  11. Database administrator ($82,000), and
  12. Health information technician ($45,000)

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