10 must-have skills for IT pros: And where to find them

Good help might be hard to find these days. But finding good candidates with the right skills can seem downright impossible. 

ComputerWorld’s annual IT forecasting survey for 2015 found that ten positions will be in high demand. The Top 10 are:


  • program and application development
  • project management
  • help desk and technical support
  • security and compliance governance
  • web development
  • database administration
  • business intelligence and analytics
  • mobile applications and device management
  • networking, and
  • big data.

Most of these areas are well-established as valuable positions, and that could mean that winning over talent in these areas will be a tough task. For the most in-demand skill, programming and application development, 48% of companies said they’d be looking to add talent in the coming year.

Unemployment is low

While unemployment is seeing a bit of a decline nationwide, in IT it’s practically non-existent.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, IT employment dipped below 3% in September. That means fewer skilled techs in need of employment.

The silver lining is that unemployment and looking for a job don’t always go hand-in-hand. There will always be employees who are looking for a change in scenery or new challenges, and these will be the candidates most companies will see.

To win over these job-changers:

  • Highlight non-salary offers. Higher salary alone won’t result in someone leaving a job. You’ll also need to show what makes your company attractive – flexible scheduling, vacation benefits, etc.
  • Offer ownership. Having techs be able to take ownership of areas or projects is one of the best ways to get them interested. It’s not necessarily about added responsibility, it’s about knowing they’ll have a say in matters and their contributions will be valued.
  • Growth potential. Rather than interviewing for a single position, let potential employees know what the job can lead to. If it’s a gateway to future leadership positions, outline how their career could advance if they excel. If it’s an isolated position, explain what they can look forward to if they stick with it in years to come.


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